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Launch of the Deep Dive: Food Marketing and Social Media Study

Social Media is having a profound impact on how consumers find out about, prepare and consume food. Savvy consumers are searching out new products online to meet their health and lifestyle needs.

The recent CLICKS & CRAVINGS The Impact of Social Technology on Food Culture study by Hartman Group uncovered the following:

82% visit social network sites monthly
75% use Facebook monthly
49% say they learn about food via social networking.
32% have either texted or used a social networking site or app in the last month while eating or drinking.

That’s a big opportunity for food marketers to reach customers via social networks! The recent 5 Food Brands Building Social Buzz on a Budget article on Mashable showcases how food marketers can engage users, drive buzz and increase sales with a savvy social media strategy.

Social Lens Research recently began data collection for our latest research, “Deep Dive into Food Companies and Social Media,”a study which focuses on the Food industry’s use of social media marketing. We had the opportunity to speak with representatives from 75 companies at the NASFT Summer Fancy Food Show in early July. The data collection continues through September 15th and we’re currently recruiting other interested companies who are currently using social media to market their food products. The study includes both large and start-up companies.

Key goals include understanding:

  • Most effective tactics and platforms for food companies to succeed with social media marketing;
  • Barriers to and limits of social media marketing;
  • Current state of social media usage among food companies.

Participants will benefit from the research results and receive:

  • Written report on the study with summarized key findings and recommendations for ways to leverage social media;
  • Invitation to live/recorded webinar of the research where we will share results and answer questions;
  • Open door to ask questions of members of the Social Lens Research team.

Findings will be available by Fall 2012.

Participation in the study is free and only requires answering a brief survey. You can opt to keep your responses anonymous or public, and may have an opportunity to be featured in one of our case studies, slated to be published in Fall 2012.

If your food related business is interested in participating, please contact us at Please reach out with any questions and/or comments.


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