Cooking Matters Take Home Study

APRIL 2021

Share your ideas on what resources or tools would help you to start or continue cooking healthy on a budget. Cooking Matters is looking for feedback from participants about resources that can be shared after completing a lesson.

The study will require you to do a series of fun and short video research exercises.


  • Requires the download of the Lens Engage video research app
  • Total time to do the exercises will not exceed one hour
  • $50 in gift cards for completing activities, plus get $50 more if interested in more activities

Get Started Now to See if you're Qualified

To see if you are a good fit for the study, please apply here:


1    Click on the link using your smartphone or computer

Click on

2    Complete Screener

Finish all 5 questions by this Tuesday 4/13 10:00 AM MST

3    Await Review 

Please wait in the meantime, the researchers will be in the process of reviewing submissions and will send you an update in the next couple of days.

4    Receive Submission Status

If your screener is approved, we will reach out to you through email to begin the paid study immediately.

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