Most of you know us as GigCoin, a blogger network who helps companies hire bloggers for small gigs (content creation, promotional help and research).

For newbies to GigCoin, what we do differently is that we have a technology platform that leverages social APIs to pull together a comprehensive social footprint for each blogger in our network. In non-tech speak that means we are able to verify that bloggers are, who they say they are. The platform lets us recruit, hire and pay the best influencer for a gig in days versus months.  Bloggers love it because we pay fast. And, we love the bloggers because they do great work.

Today, we’re proud to be launching our new business, Social Lens Research—focused exclusively on social media influencer research. The business is in response to the overwhelming positive feedback we’ve received from our clients on the level of insight and usefulness they’ve received from our influencer research.

Based on GigCoin’s experience, we believe that influencers truly are the ultimate research participants.  Why? Because they’re:

  • Identifiable— at a new level of detail. For example, you can easily find a food blogger who is passionate about organic foods and healthy living who has their own farm.  How? Because influencers have deep social footprints that offer a “natural” screener.  So we can find research participants that are passionate and knowledgeable about the topics related to your research.
  • Screenable—we can tell how insightful and articulate an influencer is by taking a close look at their online presence.  We can identify showstoppers for your company (e.g. a gluten-free blogger would not necessarily be a good fit for a pasta company unless of course, the company was launching their very first gluten-free product!)
  • On Target—most influencers are already living the life of your target audience. They understand their pain points and needs at a deep level, and to their credit have built their audiences and brands around that knowledge base (e.g., a health blogger that has lost weight themselves).
  • Early adopters—and tend to know about and try many things first. They have a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape and how your product or service will fit in. (e.g., what apps already exists, what have been some of the most successful marketing campaigns)
  • Long-term Partners—and are interested in working longer-term with your company. The door is open to dig deeper and broaden the relationship. Starting the relationship with what you think also helps to build lasting influencer relationships.

Influencer research makes panel recruitment feel kind of old school. Why trust your big decisions with professional research-takers who only get a nominal fee and might only have a slight interest in your product?

So, hello world and let us know when you’re ready to take your research to the next level.

Contact us if you want to chat live about influencer research at

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