Over 50% of respondents plan to purchase entertainment gifts this holiday season.

Social Lens Research and MocoSpace teamed-up to conduct a community check-in to better understand the entertainment consumption habits of the MocoSpace community. The study included over 1,000 Millennials, 28% of respondents were Hispanic Millennials (367).

A key finding was that even within MocoSpace’s mobile savvy community, Hispanic Millennials over-indexed on consuming most or all of their entertainment via a mobile device, 66% versus 54% for non-Hispanics.

As we get into the 2014 holiday season, Hispanic Millennials represent a prime mobile marketing opportunity for the entertainment industry. Half (50%) of Hispanic Millennials expect to purchase entertainment gifts this holiday. Some of the top entertainment related gifts include:

  • 34% new gaming console

  • 24% streaming TV device (Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV)

  • 24% new video games

  • 12% Blue-ray/other DVD

  • 9% Google Play gift card

  • 9% iTunes gift card

In addition, Hispanic Millennials plan to purchase new electronics (new phone 38%, new computer 24% and tablet 23%) which often translates into other content purchases e.g. app, movie, and music. Our previous study on Hispanic moviegoers showed that many (32%) celebrate the holiday by going to a movie.

The findings add up to entertainment purchases being a big category for Hispanic Millennials this holiday season. Get your mobile marketing strategy ready with these key study takeaways:

Get to know your target Hispanic consumers: 59% of Hispanic Millennials surveyed believe their entertainment preferences are unique or original, with only 13% saying their taste is much like their peers.

Invest in content that differentiates your release, get active on social to reach potential consumers: 48% discover content via seeing a trailer, game demo or music video. Many are on the look out for new releases with 46% active searching for new releases. 23% discover content via updates from friends and family.

Make it easy and fun to share content to engage consumers (e.g. tag friends to win, use a photo booth at a movie theater, engage with fans): 65% report sharing a song, movie and/or game they love on social. 48% share with personal friends, 17% use hashtags and @brands to share more widely, and 23% follow social accounts.

Add social ads and sponsored content to your social channel marketing mix: Social ads (11%), sponsored updated from YouTube/Vines stars (11%) and sponsored blogger update (6%) get some attention from this audience.

See more in-depth study results recently presented at Portada’s Digital Hollywood event:


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