Social Lens Research and  MocoSpace recently teamed up to understand how Latinos—America’s fastest-growing, highly mobile and social consumers—are hitting the road!

Survey Results:

To better understand how Latinos plan, manage and share trip experiences, we surveyed 1,106 Latino adults using MocoSpace, a mobile gaming platform with over 7 million unique monthly visitors and an estimated 2.5 million U.S. Hispanic unique monthly visitors.  Respondents were 100% U.S. Hispanics, almost equally split by gender, with 60% under 34 years old, and 57% parents.

The study found that during every stage of planning for a road trip, Latinos are using mobile phones and seeking more relevant location-based deals, rewards programs and mobile accessible travel content to assist with their trip planning. The study indicates that among Latinos who are leading the way on mobile adoption, the willingness to use mobile phones for trip planning has outpaced what functionality and content companies offer. Travel planning is likely just one example of the more advanced mobile functionality required to meet the highly mobile Latino consumer’s needs.

The Top Opportunities: 
Think Latinos are hard to reach? Think again, Latinos are hardly difficult to reach! Marketers need to understand the most effective strategies for engagement.

Below are 6 critical ways to reach Latinos via mobile and social marketing efforts:

1: Mobile Travel Content: Create mobile-friendly travel content that helps Latinos discover your location as a destination. 75% want a better way to find new places to visit on their mobile phones

2: Location-Based Deals: Offer location-based deals via text messages and mobile ads. 69% want text ads and 59% want mobile ads with local deals

3: Mobile-Ready Booking and Planning Capabilities: Make it easier to book and plan trips on-the-go. 61% want an easier way to book hotel rooms. 55% want a better trip planning app. 

4: Create Customer Rewards Programs That Are Available and Accessible On-the-Go: Provide a reward program that is easy to access and use on a mobile phone. 57% want rewards and ways to earn points with their favorite brands.

5: Encourage social sharing about your business with rewards, contest and campaigns. 52% share trip plans, 56% share experiences and 72% share pictures after their trips. 

6: Family-Friendly Messaging: Consider making your message family-friendly and welcoming to larger travel groups. 42% travel with kids. 33% are traveling with parents.

Here is the Latinos on the Road: A Social and Mobile Ride Infographic with key findings from the study:

Latinos on the Road: A Social and Mobile Ride Infographic

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Reference: Key Latino Stats

Population Growth:  According to Neilsen, Latinos are the fastest growing population in the U.S. with a total of 52 million, accounting for 50% of population growth between 2000 and 2011.  On the average, Latinos are ten years younger than the general market.

Mobile Adoption: The Pew Research Center reports Latinos are more likely to own cellphones and smartphones at higher rates than the general market: Cellphones: 86% versus 84%; Smartphones: 49% versus 46%

Social Media Usage:  Pew also reports that Latinos are more “social”, 68% of Latino internet users use social networks versus 58% for general markets.

Travel: Nearly 60% Hispanics ages 18 to 29 years of age have taken a trip within the U.S in the last year or a trip abroad within the last 3 years. Hispanic millennials are also more than twice as likely to travel by car than plane, 57% traveling by car and 25% by plane.

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